Medical Director in Orsi Academy (Belgium)

Dr. Puliatti held the position of Medical Director of Orsi Academy, from July 2019 to December 2021. Orsi Academy is considered the most advanced minimally invasive surgerical training center in the world.


In 2010, colleagues and friends Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie and Dr. Geert Vandenbroucke founded the “OLV Robotic Surgery Institute”, later known as ORSI Academy, as a center in which to transmit knowledge and skills in the surgical field. Prof. Dr. Mottrie, who is a pioneer and leading expert in robot-assisted surgery procedures, wanted to address the lack of standardized evidence-based training in the surgical field.
With the support of the Flemish government, the European Regional Development Fund, the Vattikutti Foundation and the OLV hospital, this facility was inaugurated. Subsequently, the various companies that produce the surgical instruments and robots, understanding the importance of the project, began to cooperate with ORSI Academy, providing the necessary tools to perform the training in the simulation center. Orsi currently has all the most innovative technologies for surgical training. In 2018 Orsi Academy inaugurated a new futuristic headquarters that has numerous operating rooms for training in minimally invasive and robotic surgery in the various surgical specializations. Between 2019 – 2021 thanks to Porf. Anthony Gallagher, Dr. Stefano Puliatti and the whole team, Orsi Academy has started to apply an innovative training methodology, the Proficiency Based Progression methodology to the field of minimally invasive surgery.

Dr. Stefano Puliatti and the role of Medical Director

For two and a half years, Dr. Puliatti held the position of Medical Director of this futuristic center. During this period he has chaired numerous courses to allow non-robotic surgeons to learn basic skills, and entire procedures such as robot-assisted radical prostatectomy and robot-assisted renal tumorectomy. Under the guidance of prof. Gallagher also contributed to the application of the Proficiency Based Progression (PBP) methodology to robotic surgery. This path has led to numerous scientific publications in journals of important scientific impact in the medical field.

Senior Consultant in Research and Skills Development at Orsi Academy

After having held the role of Deputy Medical Director in Orsi Academy for about 3 years, unable to guarantee a constant presence in Belgium, given the clinical and research commitments to be carried out in Italy, Dr. Puliatti has assumed the role of Senior Consultant . In this role of direct collaboration with Prof. Alex Mottrie and Prof. Gallagher he will be able to continue training development activities in minimally invasive surgery at Orsi Academy, the best training center in Europe.

Dr. Puliatti has found his way and his fulfilment in medicine and particularly in surgery, with the aim of helping sick people. New technologies applied to surgery, minimally invasive surgery and the teaching of robotic surgery represent his passion and his field of application, both practical and scientific.